With the policy committee cutoff deadline just a week away on Feb. 15, committees will focus on taking executive action to pass bills to Rules and then the Senate floor. The Senate will continue to prioritize Covid relief with floor action expected Wednesday to pass the $2.2 billion relief package for those most impacted by the pandemic. Gov. Inslee is also planning to sign Senate Bill 5061 this week to provide $1.7 billion in tax relief for small businesses, and also increase unemployment benefits for low wage working people.


Senator T'wina Nobles wears a mask over her nose and face and speaks into a microphone from the senate floor in Olympia
Sen. T'wina Nobles (D-Fircrest) sponsor of Senate Bill 5293.

Monday, February 8
9:30 a.m.

The Law & Justice Committee will hear public testimony on Senate Bill 5293, sponsored by Sen. T’wina Nobles. The bill offers mental health sentencing alternatives to individuals convicted of crimes where mental health, cognitive issues, or brain injuries are a factor. By grasping the roots that can lead to criminal behavior, this bill will improve public safety and long-term outcomes for people convicted of crimes. Watch live on TVW.


Governor Jay Inslee watches floor debate in olympia
Gov. Jay Inslee will sign Senate Bill 5061 into law Monday.

Monday, February 8
11:30 a.m.

Governor Jay Inslee will sign Senate Bill 5061 into law. The bill provides $1.7 billion in relief for small businesses that would otherwise see a spike in unemployment insurance, and also provides a significant boost in benefits to Washington’s lowest wage workers. The bill is part of the Senate Democrats’ Covid relief package. Watch live on TVW.


Senator Emily Randall talks to another senator in Olympia
Sen. Emily Randall (D-Bremerton) sponsor of Senate Bill 5399.

Monday, February 8
1:30 p.m.

Health care is a right. The Health & Long-Term Care Committee will hear public testimony on Senate Bill 5399. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Emily Randall, will establish the Universal Health Care Commission and assign it the mission of developing a plan to provide comprehensive, equitable, and affordable health care coverage to all Washingtonians by 2026. Watch live on TVW.


Senator Marko Liias and Representatives Monica Stonier and Pat Sullivan take questions from the media.
Sen. Marko Liias (D-Lynnwood) and Reps. Monica Stonier and Pat Sullivan answer questions from the media.

Monday, February 8
2:15 p.m.

Members of Senate and House Democratic Leadership will take questions from the media about the 2021 Legislative Session. Watch live on TVW.


Senator Mona Das speaks into a microphone during an event on the capital campus in Olympia.
Sen. Mona Das (D-Kent) sponsor of Senate Bill 5378.

Tuesday, February 9
8 a.m.

Under Senate Bill 5378, real estate brokers would be required to learn about fair housing and consumer protection issues as part of their license renewal requirements. The Business, Financial Services & Trade Committee will hold a public hearing on this bill sponsored by Sen. Mona Das. Watch live on TVW.


The Senate floor at the Washington State Capital in Olympia, WA
The Senate will begin four days of floor action Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, February 10
1:30 p.m.

The Senate will be in session Wednesday and is expected to take action on Covid-19 relief bills to help Washingtonians dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Watch live on TVW.


Senators Steve Conway, Derek Stanford and Rebecca Saldana listen during testimony in a committee hearing in Olympia
Sens. Steve Conway (D-Tacoma), Derek Stanford (D-Bothell) and Rebecca SaldaƱa (D-Seattle).

Thursday, February 11
8 a.m.

The Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee will hear public testimony on a bill sponsored by Sen. Derek Stanford (D-Bothell). Senate Bill 5425 will update state laws in order for eligible Washingtonians to receive extensions to unemployment benefits that became available with the December-enacted federal Continued Assistance Act. Watch live on TVW.


Senator Bob Hasegawa speaks during an event in 2020.
Sen. Bob Hasegawa (D-Seattle) sponsor of SJM 8004.

Thursday, February 11
8 a.m.

Many Washington immigrants transfer money to loved ones in their country of origin in the form of remittances. In addition to international aid, remittances are one of the largest sources of money received by developing countries. Sending this money back home can be a complicated process, made only more difficult by the pandemic. The Business, Financial Services & Trade Committee will hold a public hearing on Senate Joint Memorial 8004, sponsored by Sen. Bob Hasegawa. It calls on Congress to pass legislation implementing recommendations that would allow refugees and immigrants to safely remit funds to other countries. Watch live on TVW.