The Senate will wrap up a long stretch of floor action Tuesday at 5 pm with the arrival of house of origin cutoff, which means bills without a fiscal impact that have not passed the chamber in which they were introduced can no longer be considered in 2022. This week brings a return to the committee schedule, and House bills aimed at salmon recovery, workers rights, health care and more will receive public hearings in the Senate. This week also marks the start of the unveiling of budgets as the capital construction budget will be heard in Ways & Means on Thursday.


The Senate will be on the floor Monday and Tuesday ahead of house of origin cutoff.

Monday, February 14; Tuesday, February 15; Wednesday, February 16
Morning to evening Monday & Tuesday; Wednesday afternoon

The Senate will be on the floor for most of the day Monday and Tuesday, working ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s 5 pm house of origin cutoff. Over the next two days, the chamber is expected to consider policies to improve affordable housing, the environment, worker’s rights, transportation and much more.

Monday, Feb. 14: 10 am – 1:30 pm5 pm
Tuesday, Feb. 15: 9 am1:30 pm5 pm
Wednesday, Feb. 16: 1:30 pm


HB 1117 adds salmon recovery as a goal of the Growth Management Act.

Wednesday, February 16
10:30 am

The Housing & Local Government Committee will hear House Bill 1117 which adds salmon recovery as a goal of the Growth Management Act. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Debra Lekanoff, passed the House 57-40 on Jan. 26. Watch on TVW.


Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and Deputy Majority Leader Rebecca Saldaña will take media questions Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 16
11:30 am

Leadership from the House and Senate Democratic majorities will answer press questions Wednesday. Watch on TVW.


Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Chair Karen Keiser.

Thursday, February 17
8 am

The Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee will take public testimony on Rep. Liz Berry’s House Bill 1795 which voids and makes unenforceable provisions in nondisclosure agreements that prohibit the disclosure of acts of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage violations or sexual assault. The bill passed the House 56-40 on Feb. 9 and was the subject of a recent op-ed by former Fox News personality Gretchen Carlson and others, including Cher Scarlett, a Washington-based workers’ rights activist and software engineer: Washington can be a leader on protecting sexual harassment, assault survivors. Watch on TVW.


Sen. David Frockt is vice chair of Ways & Means and lead author of the capital budget.

Thursday, February 17
4 pm

The Ways & Means Committee will take public testimony on Senate Bill 5651, the 2021-23 supplemental capital construction budget. The capital budget has an impact throughout the state in job creation, public health, school construction, affordable housing, environmental cleanup and other projects that improve communities and quality of life. Watch on TVW.


Chair of Health & Long Term Care Annette Cleveland.

Friday, February 18
8 am

The Health & Long Term Care Committee will hear public testimony on House Bill 1616, sponsored by Rep. Tarra Simmons, the bill expands eligibility for charity care – free or reduced cost medical care for people who cannot afford it or are without health insurance. The committee will also hear HB 1881. Sponsored by Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley, the bill creates a new health profession for birth doulas. Watch on TVW.