Senator Joe Nguyen

34th Legislative District
D-White Center

Sen. Joe Nguyen was born in White Center, raised in Burien and currently lives in West Seattle. His experiences growing up in an immigrant community as the son of Vietnamese refugees and being raised by a single mother informs much of his service today.

He is the chair of Wellspring Family Services’ Associate Board, which works on issues related to family homelessness and is committed to housing 2,000 children and their families in the next two years. Part of the board’s work includes advocacy, and we were able to pass Wellspring’s first bill (HB2861) providing support for trauma-informed care, which was signed by the Governor in the 2018 session.

Nguyen is also involved in police relations as a member of the Community Advisory Committee for the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight in King County. His work focuses on building bridges between community and law enforcement to achieve equitable policing.

He is a Senior Manager at Microsoft and lives in West Seattle with his wife Tallie, a special education teacher in the Highline Public School District, and their two children, ages 1 and 3.

[vc_mybloquotes type_list=”iconic-quote” custom_text=”As long as those who occupy the highest offices ignore the pain of those on the margins, we will never achieve lasting justice. So we march, and we yell, and we protest, and we vote, and we fight for a better future.”]
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