OLYMPIA – Sen. Marko Liias (D-Everett), Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, shared the following statement regarding a transportation package today:

 “As we begin the 2022 session, I want to be clear that any transportation package I introduce in the Senate this year will not include a new gas tax.

As our state continues to confront and recover from the pandemic, working class families still face the brunt of the economic burden. In light of these challenging times, it is imperative that we put people first to invest in communities and projects across the state without punting the cost to those struggling the most.

We can maintain and fund projects like the I-5 Columbia River Bridge, ensure the timely delivery of Stride bus rapid transit on I-405, and more while investing in accessible and equitable transportation services without a new gas tax.

There is not a community in this state, regardless of how they vote, that won’t benefit from these investments. I am eager to work with my colleagues to pass a climate and future oriented transportation package for Washington state this session.”