Senate MOCC statement on acts of violence against AAPI communities

The Senate Members of Color Caucus today issued the following statement:

“Waking up to yet another day of more Asian American lives lost at the hands of another hateful individual is devastating. In a year of such vitriol and hardship for everyone, and particularly for Asian American families, businesses, and neighborhoods, the trauma of this continued violence and anti-Asian rhetoric is overwhelming and enraging.

“The use of discriminatory language throughout the pandemic has exacerbated decades of xenophobia against Asian Americans. Language from federal government officials – including the former president – and the lack of accountability for their actions has resulted in a significant rise in hate crimes, racist bullying, and stigma against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

“We must stand up for and with our Asian American elders, neighbors, and friends. We must rebuild our systems, educate our children, and stop this cycle of hate and violence towards those who might look different than us. We must pass policy that commits to equity and protection for our most vulnerable populations. And we must hold those who perpetuate these racist myths accountable for their actions.

“In order to move forward, we must also acknowledge the history of Anti-Asian policy and rhetoric in our own state. From housing discrimination, to forced imprisonment, to lack of access to quality healthcare, our Asian neighbors in Washington have long been subject to cruel policies that perpetuate systemic racism.

“As co-chairs of the Washington State Senate Members of Color Caucus, we envision a state that recognizes that our strength is rooted in our diversity, a state that is committed to creating equal opportunities for all. That means advancing policies that remove institutional and systemic barriers that people of color face and creating coalitions across racial lines. It also requires that we be brave in the face of bigotry and honest when we examine history.

“We stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors, and we condemn this violence.”

Signed by the Senate Members of Color Caucus Co-Chairs. Click here for a PDF version of this statement.